Tina Dico

Tuesday, March 10

Denmark’s Tina Dico might be best known internationally for her contributions to downtempo English outfit Zero 7’s second album When It Falls, on which she sang lead vocals on the dreamy tracks “Home” and “The Space Between.” During a 2004 tour, the band filled the Showbox with enveloping trip-hop, and Dico possessed the crowd with fellow sirens Sia Furler and Sophie Barker. Like Furler, Dico applies pitch-perfect, crystal-clear, sultry vocals to soul-bearing lyrics. And like Furler, she’s adorable. But Dico has a disposition of seeming reticence and shyness that remains until she opens her cute little mouth. After that, she fills venues with her presence. A singer-songwriter at heart, Dico released her first solo album (Fuel) well before Zero 7 came knocking, and she’s been recording and touring ever since. Her fifth album, A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending, comprises three independently recorded, different-sounding EPs in a full-length boxset. For fans of bare-bones acoustic, lush arrangements and dream pop, Dico carries herself with confidence and coveted vocal mastery.

Tue., March 10, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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