The Truth About Bumblebee Man

Dear Mexican,Have you seen the Simpsons figurines from Kid Robot? The Bumblebee Man is the hardest to get, therefore the most valuable of the bunch. I've seen it on eBay going for $75 when they cost seven bucks in the store. You think Matt Groening did this on purpose 'cause he really does love the Mexicans, or do you think it was just a funny character and a funny coincidence?Señora Ding Dong

Dear Wabette,Of course Groening loves Mexicans, and not just because he freely admits that the legendary Mexican superhero El Chapulín Colorado (The Red Grasshopper) inspired Bumblebee Man. As I argue in an essay included in my ¡Ask a Mexican! compilation, The Simpsons is the most-Latino show ever to appear on English-language television, one so wabby it makes The George Lopez Show seem as gabacho as Friends. Want a full explanation? Buy my book, because I'm over my word count that the gabachos give me!

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