...And You Will Know us By The Trail Of Dead

Thursday, March 12

Based on the last two albums from …And You Will Known Us by the Trail of Dead – which were packed full of bloated, unsatisfying, more-or-less boring prog-rock epics – it seemed like the Austin, Texas band had reached the point of diminishing returns, light years away from their dynamic 1999 self-titled debut and even 2002’s career high point, Source Codes & Tags. That’s what makes new disc The Century of Self that much more gratifying – it’s the sound of Trail of Dead back from the dead. Not that they’ve completely abandoned their designs on ambitious structures and soundscapes, but here those tendencies are tempered by the in-your-face fire, energy, and chaos of old. Ultimately, they’ve made their guitar-fueled bombast and feverish vocals a lot easier to get inside, and live, that approach should have no trouble bringing back the fans who may have strayed.

Thu., March 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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