Kurt Vile

Thursday, March 12

It’s damn near difficult not to froth at the mouth when discussing Philly’s Kurt Vile. Along with Ariel Pink and Kevin Debroux (a.k.a. Pink Reason), he’s the best of indie rock’s recent lo-fi/bedroom recordings revival. There’s good reason for this: beneath all the arty shenanigans (four-track crud, vintage drum machines, synthed-out shoegaze dreaminess) lurks a classic pop-rock songwriter and lyricist. Track down a copy of his album Constant Hitmaker, and I guarantee you won’t make it pass the opening anthem “Freeway” for, like, the first two weeks. It’s perfect the way “Tractor Rape Chain,” “Jessie’s Girl” and “Hey Tonight” are all perfect. Of course, comparing Vile to Pollard and Fogerty (but not Springfield) is some kind of artist’s kiss of death. But fuck it. The dude just might be that good.

Thu., March 12, 6 p.m., 2009

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