Our Favorite Restaurants of 2009

A feast at every price point.

Even amid a recession, Seattle is eating out. There are empty rooms around the city, as well as layoffs and closures; there are also grand openings and hour-long waits for tables. For many of us, dining out remains both a priority and a great pleasure. That's partly because we are living in a halcyon age. The Puget Sound is seeing more, and better-trained, chefs using amazing ingredients with greater creativity and precision. The Dow hasn't yet diminished this surge.That stated, no one plans a meal out without considering the size of the check. This year, we divided up our 50 favorite restaurants (plus others worth mentioning) by the price of a meal there—roughly a dish and a drink for the cheap eats, and at the pricier spots an entrée, a shared appetizer or dessert, and a glass of wine. Eat well, drink well—and just as important for your future happiness, tip well.

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