Letters to the Editor: Voodoo Child, Pro and Con

Re: "Voodoo Child" by Mike Seely (March 4) Leon has more than money could ever buy...He has Jimi's love and his genetics. There's not another artist alive that is blessed with [that]. It might have taken a while, but Leon is coming to personally appreciate just how hard Jimi had to work in order to get where he did. Leon's trek has covered a lot of ground, but I think it is safe to say he is finally listening to the muse, and it shows. Let's hope that he can help make a difference in other people's lives. —gg"Recently Isaac, for one, got fed up. 'I personally couldn't take it anymore,' says the guitarist, who feels that the band has become 'a local Seattle joke.'"After hearing the YouTube link of these clowns, I would think they would be "a NATIONAL joke." The $2 hotdogs sounded like a great deal, though... —my nameJanie "Hendrix" is a shell of a human being when it comes to what FAMILY means, these people writing the "condescending comedic lines" about the band should be ASHAMED of themselves, typical of people that don't know sacrifice for friends, music, or love. Seattle isn't worthy of even having this band in their town. SEND THE LEON HENDRIX MYSTERIENCE TO US IN ENGLAND!!!! WE WILL TAKE THEM IN LIKE WE DID JIMI !!!!! —DeathToTheHeartlessThis article seems to talk a lot about people unassociated with the band, while missing entirely the warmth and heart of the man. I'd invite everyone to go to a show and see for themselves what a presence the man has. —Rev Rndy RyWhat this article does not portray is what a slimy creature Leon always was and probably still is: a loathsome man that screwed over his family and children with his addictions and egotistical self-centered behavior. A man who is known by most as a pimp, liar, thief, and crack addict. We heard about daughter Tina—let's hear from son Alex and the other four kids about dear old Dad, huh?Greg Groeper was right on the money with his assessment of Leon being advised by the pimps and hustlers, and he was also dead-on correct in seeing what Leon is quite capable of: being a "visual artist." Leon draws some amazing shit and is as talented a visual artist as Jimi was with a guitar—but the pimps and hustlers don't want to work that angle because they don't want an artist, they want a rock 'n' roller. If he put his work on canvas, he'd be famous. —Ben "Jammin"I can't knock Leon for having a dream and all, but I also had the unpleasant experience of actually hearing him and his band play live back in 2002 at EMP, opening for Randy Hansen, and it was painful, to say the least. Leon can't sing (he sort of growls), and his guitar playing skills were nonexistent. On some level, you sort of feel sorry for the guy, but he's pissed away millions of dollars from his dad and the estate over the years, and his treatment of his children is just sad. Leon still may have something worthwhile to give the world, but it sure isn't his music. —WhompWrite to us at letters@seattleweekly.com!

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