Randy Wood

Plenty of folks are already familiar with local artist Randy Wood’s work, thanks to his comics in the late Tablet. He’s since moved on to teaching at Gage Academy and Pratt, in addition to continuing his artwork. Wood’s new show, “The Dollar Made Me Do It!”, is collection of cartoons, paintings, and sculptures featuring a mischievous feline named Crime Cat who steals, well, just about anything he can get his grimy hands on. (My favorite piece: the paper-mâché troublemaker scaling down Bluebottle’s wall, clutching a stolen painting.) Wood’s work, much like that of his influences Charles Schultz and Craig Thompson, is unpretentious, good-humored, and endearing. Following my gallery visit, I not-so-subtly sent Wood a photo of my Chihuahua, suggesting she would be an excellent subject for his next project. I’m still waiting for a response. (Closed Mon.)ERIKA HOBART

March 18-29, noon, 2009

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