Eddie Money

Saturday, March 28

Eddie Money (given name: Eddie Fuckin’ Mahoney) is no longer the cocky, long-haired rocker that took the Bay Area by storm in the late-‘70s before rising to international prominence. No, 30 years later, the hard-livin’ he did in his heyday has taken its toll. The Mickey Rourke of music, he looks like a roughed-up prizefighter who’s held on for too long, and sounds like one too. But then there’s this: This June, Money will stage a self-penned musical based on his life, entitled Two Tickets to Paradise, at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center in Long Island—which he aspires to take to Broadway and beyond. Too bad the “beyond” doesn’t include this Saturday’s gig at the EQC, but all the hits—“Take Me Home Tonight,” “Shakin’,” “Baby Hold On,” “Walk On Water,” et. al— in that production will doubtless be performed live by the man himself. Even if you can’t make out the lyrics, you’ll be able to get hammered and hum along. And besides, seeing a performer named Money at a casino showroom? Just like Ronnie said, that’s so money!

Sat., March 28, 8:30 p.m., 2009

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