Chicken Run

“You lay eggs and then you die,” sighs Ginger, a chicken whose attempts to flee a prison-like English poultry farm in Chicken Run (2000) amusingly resemble scenes from various World War II escape movies. Enter Rocky (voiced by the pre-crazy Mel Gibson), a macho American circus rooster who literally falls from the sky. The British birds think Rocky can fly and demand lessons, while he buys time smooth-talking the hens. It’s a charming story, but the real reason to see the first feature by Peter Lord and Nick Park (of Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit) is its technical wizardry. The stop-motion claymation is so fluid you’d swear it was computer animation, and some of the stunts are like classic Indiana Jones. (G) SOYON IM

Saturdays. Starts: March 28. Continues through May 9, 2009

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