Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong is the woman behind www.Dooce.com, touted as “the most popular personal blog on the Internet.” Since 2001, she’s written about whatever she feels like, from her co-workers (which got her fired from her L.A. Web design job) to meeting her husband, pregnancy, and becoming a Salt Lake City stay-at-home mom. Admittedly, I logged on ready to hate it. I mean, how interesting could this woman’s life be? But I was quickly schooled in her sheer likeability. A self-described recovering Mormon, she’s cleverly self-deprecating and fiercely funny, plus she cusses up a storm. Her second book, It Sucked and Then I Cried (Simon Spotlight, $24), chronicles the birth of her first child and the following joys and hardships that followed. Her days get dark, so dark that she has to check herself into a psych ward to battle a mean case of postpartum depression. But what could have been another woe-is-me memoir is saved by Armstrong’s easy-access, candid writing style. She’s relatable and endearing, flaws and all. SUZIE RUGH

Tue., March 31, 7 p.m., 2009

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