Justin Bond

Justin Bond has played Kiki, the “boozy chantoozee” half of Kiki & Herb, for so long that few people realize the New York performer can sing without descending into snarls, sobs, or bitter asides. In the year since the duo’s final show at Carnegie Hall, Bond has performed with the Tiger Lillies and in solo shows in New York and London. He’s appearing tonight with a new collection of songs and tales that defies description, yet seems to have awed New Yorker critic Hilton Als. Inspired by a stay last year at a Radical Faerie sanctuary in Tennessee, his Rites of Spring is subtitled “More Songs for the Neo-Pagan Revolution.” It’s hard to imagine Bond—hilarious and ferociously smart—going all Holly Near on us. So I anticipate that the rites he’s inculcating will be far more intriguing...and subversive. JONATHAN KAUFFMAN

Sun., March 29, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2009

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