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Encouragement for Leon and frank advice for "nice guys."

Re: "The Internet 'Wizard' Strikes Again" by Nina Shapiro (March 18)This is quite a piece of investigative journalism. Thanks for the great insights. Some people never learn. —Jason, KirklandI tried to get my personal information removed from Intelius by following their instructions. They did not comply until I filed a formal complaint to the BBB. If you work there, you should be ashamed of yourself. A class-action privacy suit should be filed against Intelius and their employees. —averagejill, BothellI am surprised at Vijay Vashee's comments. As if he doesn't act like a community leader and tries getting recognition. He is running an organization called TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, which does nothing for anyone except some of these ex-Microsoft friends who get to act like community leaders. —Prince, SeattleRe: "I Don't Want to Fall in Love" by Dategirl (March 11)One of the things I have noticed about a lot of "nice guys" is that they only really want to date hot women. They aren't interested in dating at their own level. (I've never met a hot "nice" guy who complains about his luck; usually the self-described nice guy is overweight or balding or both.) They feel like their "niceness" should be attracting models, or at least very, very attractive women. When their "niceness" attracts women who are maybe a bit chubby, but also nice, these "nice" women get put in the friends column while they lust after the hottest girl in the room. —JJ, SeattleAll too true, JJ. There seem to be two reasons for this: First, men always think they look better than they really do. Second, they've gotten some crazy idea that women don't give a rip about anything but nice, sweet, considerate, etc. We like that, of course, but we also want someone we consider hot. I blame part of that on the proliferation of stupid sitcoms where schlumpy guys are married to hot women. If it's on TV, it must be true, right? —gingersnapdRe: "Voodoo Child" by Mike Seely (March 4)Yet another example of how fucked-up the mentality of Seattleites has become with regard to their local musicians. The venues are disappearing here, the crowds are usually ice-cold to obscure bands, and there are too many jaded "artists" here to count. What happened to a city that had a healthy music community only 10 or 15 years ago? I still have faith that I can postpone my plans to move to Austin. But the so-called music scene is due for a major attitude adjustment.As for Leon, the best way you can shut all the naysayers up is to prove them wrong by your stage performance. The proof is in the puddin', my friend. I love your brother's work, and respect you for wanting to carry on his legacy, but don't whine. Would Jimi whine? No, he'd be in the studio right now creating his new cosmic sounds and speaking through his music. Just stop bitching about the people putting you down and get on with concerning yourself with your band. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. —Brian, SeattleWrite to us at letters@seattleweekly.com!

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