Cash Money the Pimp, Not Cash Money the Label

Yes, itÂ’s the name his mama gave him.

Last week, prosecutors filed charges against six men for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of West Seattle. One of them, as noted in a Seattle P-I story, was Deshawn Cashmoney Clark, who is being charged with commercial sexual abuse of a minor and human trafficking. He holds the ignominious distinction of being the first person ever charged under the latter law, which is now six years old. A pimp named Cashmoney may not have been the culprit legislators envisioned when they passed the trafficking law. But a search of online court records shows that Clark's middle name is actually two words, Cash Money, like the record label that features such well-known artists as Lil Wayne and Birdman. Founded in 1989, Cash Money the label predates Cash Money the pimp by two years. And it appears that the name was given to him by his parents, rather than one he added at the age of majority to advertise his prowess in his alleged business dealings. Court records show that the 18-year-old Clark has been "Cash Money" since at least 2005.

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