Reckless Kelly

Sunday, April 12

There was a time when the differences between Nashville country and alt-country were loud and clear. The former was slick and smooth while the latter rough and raw. Reckless Kelly, however, is proof that none of this really matters anymore. Over the last decade the Austin act has perfected a punchy fusion of country-rock and power pop that begs the question: Is this the sound of a childhood weaned on both Alan Jackson and the Smithereens? Reckless Kelly’s latest album, the critically lauded Bulletproof, just might be their most polished to date. At the same time the album is a fairly scathing indictment of modern American life, touching on everything from Katrina to Iraq. Spinning this record is basically like watching a three-mile parade packed with hurricane refugees, drug-addled vets and subprime victims. Fun!

Sun., April 12, 8:30 p.m., 2009

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