The Whip

Tuesday, April 14

The UK-based dance/rock quartet The Whip emphasize instrument-fueled musicianship as much they do machine-powered mechanization on their debut disc, X Marks Destination, released March 3. It’s a combo that makes for potent, refreshing listening reflective of lead-singer/guitarist Bruce Carter and keyboardist Danny Saville’s background playing in the band Nylon Pylon, as well as their previous lives as club promoters. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Felix Da Housecat. Rave-rock opener “Trash” loops fuzz and bass around a teenage anthem-style hook that proclaims, “I wanna be trash!” More dance-centric jams include “Fire,” a blazing inferno of feedback and metallic pulsation, and “Sister Siam,” a sonorous electro-fied re-configuration of a Nylon Pylon tune. The Whip aren’t the next big thing, but they’ll make you pine for some E.

Tue., April 14, 8 p.m., 2009

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