Untitled (a Brink of Infinity)

Quick, try to match the artist to each unidentified painting (or photo) arrayed around the gallery. One through seven, you can choose from Richard Billingham, Cameron Martin, Richard Misrach, Catherine Opie, Joe Park, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Hiroshi Sugito. And no cheating by Googling them on your iPhone. I recommend you start with the large snow scene, then proceed clockwise through “Untitled (a Brink of Infinity).” What do the images have in common? The curatorial conceit appears to be a shared concern with vanishing horizons and the valence between Earth and sky. In the snow scene—I think a digital photo—a ghostly yurt leads the eye to an indistinct line of farm sheds. They’re so faint as to be unmoored in space. Fourth in the series, rising waters subsume abandoned trailers and cars, as drowned telephone poles jut from the still surface. This photo hints at a new equilibrium to come: Traces of our civilization will sink beneath a mirror reflecting the clouds above, at which point you’d be able to flip the image 180 degrees—and it would look the same. BRIAN MILLER

Thursdays-Saturdays, noon. Starts: March 12. Continues through Aug. 1, 2009

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