Eddie & The Hot Rods

Tuesday, April 21

Remember Ryan Adams getting all persnickety about dudes coming to his shows and yelling ‘Summer of ‘69’? Though it may have been done to get a rise out of his famously bratty ass, I have to believe its first occurrence was accidental. Some confused middle-ager showed up by mistake and genuinely thought he was seeing Bryan Adams. I bring this up because I imagine it also happens routinely here in the States to Eddie and the Hot Rods. First, they have the misfortune of becoming famous in one of the least notable Era’s in British music, the mid-seventies wasteland between Glam and Punk and are known more for their ex-members various post-band projects. (A couple of little bands called the Damned and Stiff Little Fingers). Secondly, they are outfamed in America by Eddie and the Cruisers, (a faux band from a bland ’80 pic staring a bunch of old folks playing teenagers), most remembered for its John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band soundtrack, and dooming these blokes to hear “Play ‘On the Dark Side’!” nightly.

Tue., April 21, 7 p.m., 2009

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