Kristen Truax

Too many photographers are blasé about shooting rock shows and concerts. They talk more about the strict club regulations and poor lighting than they do the talented performers and high-energy crowds. Not Kristen Truax. The founder of Blush Photo, a local agency that shoots high-profile shows all over the nation, is a self-proclaimed music junkie. (She was once the in-house photographer at Neumos.) And her work exudes that enthusiasm. “Make Me Blush” features stunning, sexy close-ups of local acts like U.S.E. and the now defunct Trucks, as well as shots of rabid dancing fans drenched in sweat. Truax has become a fixture in the music scene over the years thanks to photos like these, but that that doesn’t mean she’s above getting giddy over the occasional star: “Shooting Robert Plant last fall was so huge for me. That guy was my childhood sweetheart.” ERIKA HOBART

April 8-30, 9 a.m., 2009

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