DJ Craze on Kanye, Miami Bass, and Traktor vs. Serato

“I play more fidget house…which is more gangster if house can get gangster.”

Miami's DJ Craze has one of the more impressive résumés in the history of turntablism. The Nicaraguan-born DJ whiz is a three-time DMC world champion—the only person ever to win the coveted crown three consecutive years—and just a year ago, Kanye West selected him as his tour DJ. Craze recently took some time out to chat with SW.SW: What type of music are you spinning these days?DJ Craze: Anything with bass...If it's fidget house, bassline, dubstep, or hip-hop, I'm going play a lot of bass-heavy shit. I think that's part of growing up in Miami. We're into salsa, reggae, merengue...and all those kinds of music have a lot of sub in it.Talk about DJing for Kanye [West].It was all right. I really didn't talk to him that much. For the "Glow in the Dark" tour, the band and me were in a trench below the stage wearing, like, all-black SWAT gear, which was weird.Was it disappointing?It was a little. I wanted to shine. I'm thinking, 'I'm on the road with 'Ye, I'ma kill it. I'ma DMC champ, I'ma show these people what's up.' And I didn't get to do any of that.Do you prefer spinning vinyl or using a digital program like Serato when you DJ?Actually, Traktor [a separate digital DJing program]. I'm a vinyl lover, but ya know, I was touring back in '98 and I was carrying four or five crates and I was wearing out my records...Right now Traktor is doing a tour for [Klever and I], and we're promoting it. It's like Serato but better. Actually, I don't want to say it's better; I want people to make their own decision.As a DJ, is Traktor easier to use?Naw, it's harder to use, but that's what makes it dope. Serato is great, but Serato is more for simple DJing. You can get more in-depth with Traktor. You can customize everything. You can't customize nothing with Serato.What can people expect when you hit Seattle?It's gonna be a party. I'll play a little bit of hip-hop, Klever plays more electro, I play more fidget house, which is more gangster if house can get gangster. We kill it. Folks who come out are going to have a good

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