This Horse Race Is a Stampede

New faces in city council races include sons of past Seattle politicos.

George "Rusty" Williams, the guitar-playing son of former city council member Jeanette Williams, is after Richard McIver's open seat. To win, he'll have to overcome an ever-growing list of challengers, topped by Jordan Royer, son of former mayor Charles Royer. Williams is quick to tout his experience working in a variety of industries, from manual labor after high school to his latest venture, commercial real estate. But while Williams might have worn a lot of hats, Royer is well ahead among boldface-name donors. In addition to his father, Royer is supported by former Seattle mayor Paul Schell, Pike Place Market Executive Director Carol Binder, and CleanScapes CEO Chris Martin. Williams' most recognizable supporter is former city council member Judy Nicastro—who kicked his campaign $50. He has the bigger war chest, though. He's reported over $32,000 so far (compared to Royer's $19,000), most of it from his own pocket. In addition to Royer and Williams, Biotech Stock Research co-founder and CEO David Miller has joined the race. Miller wears suits and sports a haircut John Edwards could get behind. He's also culling more top-dollar checks ($700 is the limit for individual donations in the city race) than his competition. His current endorsements include county council member Bob Ferguson, mayoral tease Peter Steinbrueck, and neighborhood activist Kathy Nyland. Housing advocate Robert Rosencrantz, another position 8 hopeful, also lists Ferguson and Steinbrueck among his endorsers. Awkward! Ferguson says the candidates came to him before deciding which seat to pursue. He adds that it's not too late for one to switch seats: "I hope they don't run against each other; I've mentioned that to them." Rosencrantz also claims the backing of Jan Drago and McIver himself. He's got $30,000 in the bank so far. The McIver seat may be the best one for a long-shot outsider, which is why so many candidates are flocking to it. The contest for the spot Drago's giving up has already attracted a couple of well-connected and well-funded candidates, Sally Bagshaw and David Bloom, while Richard Conlin and Nick Licata are both running for re-election.

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