Knute Berger

Mossback is back! Our famously bearded, beloved former boss was editor-in-chief during three different tenures at Seattle Weekly (and also founding editor of Eastsideweek, RIP). His new collection, Pugetopolis (Sasquatch, $18.95), is culled largely from his old Mossback columns at this paper. It also includes newer essays from Seattle magazine,, and KUOW, where he’s a regular commentator. In all his writing, whether gloating over the WTO riots (in your face, Starbucks!) or decrying the hypocrisy of “Seattle nice,” Knute Berger is a contrarian—more libertarian than liberal, a guy with a big heart who’s not a bleeding heart. Today, he'll discuss the 1977 Frost-Nixon interviews with Lynne Varner of The Seattle Times, KUOW's Steve Scher, and UW prof Mark Smith. (Also note the play Frost/Nixon opens May 6 at the Paramount.) BRIAN MILLER

Sat., April 25, 2 p.m., 2009

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