Eduardo Calderón

Cities and their inhabitants are at rest in the black-and-white prints by Eduardo Calderón. The Peruvian-born local photographer, shooting from Seattle to Paris and beyond, favors relaxed scenes: a cat staring implacably out a window; a man, dressed in a neat suit, lying on the cobblestones for a nap next to the Seine; bolts of cloth draped for display that somehow suggest women in burkas. Store windows reflect further images of urban repose, doubling the languor. Elsewhere Calderón frames stairwells, arches, rooftops, brick walls, and shadowy lattices whose forms multiply by geometric progression. In one image recalling Cartier-Bresson, a Parisian woman thumbs out a text message beside a Lanvin shop window, her head obscured by tree. She’s in no hurry to lose her privacy. (Closed Mon.) BRIAN MILLER

April 24-May 31, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., 2009

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