More Than

Eight local artists are highlighted from the city’s portable works collection in “More Than." Some are well known, like Charles Krafft and his delft china Disasterware™ series, which includes an elegant pistol and a painted series of plates rendering the Hindenburg disaster. Claire Cowie’s delicate landscapes we also like. Most everything is small, clustered on the walls in groups by each artist. (Thirty pieces are included in all.) But the largest and most prominent work is on the floor: the 1998 Dipodies by Ruth Marie Tomlinson, which amounts to a mysterious row of torso-less green legs. They’re actually composed of sewn rubber stuffed with sand. The pointy toed U-shapes are poised to march. But to where and what purpose remains unknown. They’ve got no heads, no leaders, no eyes, no sense of direction You could imagine them being assembled into not-so-scary monsters in the factory of a Pixar movie; they’re like the anatomical components of some creature that never got off the drawing board. Where’s the rest of them? Perhaps crumpled up in a designer’s wastepaper basket. Or waiting to be sewn and stuffed with more sand, before they’re set into motion. (Closed Sat.-Sun.) BRIAN MILLER

April 8-June 30, 5 a.m.-7 p.m., 2009

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