Jeremy Enigk

Thursday, May 14

In the past 15 years, Jeremy Enigk has presented himself as a handful of different musical personalities. First, there was the enigmatic frontman of Seattle's emo heroes Sunny Day Real Estate. (The band members granted few interviews and once famously sent fake versions of themselves to pose for a Nordstrom print ad.) There was Enigk's first solo effort, Return of the Frog Queen, a series of orchestral compositions that distanced his high-pitched voice from the screaming vocals and aggressive guitars that defined SDRE. When the band finally broke up for good in 2001 — the rumored cause that Enigk converted to Christianity — Enigk fronted The Fire Theft. With a similar sound and some of the same lineup as SDRE, it's no surprise that The Fire Theft's only full-length album, released in 2003, sounded like The Rising Tide redux. Gone was the emo angst of SDRE's first album, and in its place was the melodic, prog-rock style that has continued to define Enigk's solo work. Since then, Enigk's work has stayed within that same vein, and the soon-to-be relased OK Bear isn't much different. So, there's no chance that Enigk is going to bust out "In Circles" during a live show; instead he'll strain his vocal cords pushing to a near-falsetto and making up words like "darium" and "mondrary." Then again, he might have created an entirely new identity, equally full of surprises.

Thu., May 14, 8 p.m., 2009

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