How Seattle’s Handling the Tweet Beat

The ADD social-networking site has the local music community atwitter.

Within the past year, the popularity of the social-networking site Twitter has exploded across the country. For those who are into it, Twitter is like the MySpace of 2006, the Facebook of 2007, and the crack epidemic of 1984 all rolled into one slightly-addictive microblogging site. Well-known musicians around the world are on Twitter every few minutes, showing off parts of their personality that fans didn't even know existed. From Lily Allen's Twitter war with Perez Hilton to Trent Reznor slamming Chris Cornell's latest album on his own page, it's hard to deny that there are thousands of music tweeters out there worth following just for the sheer hilariousness of peeking into their psyche at 140 characters or less.Here in Seattle, it's not much different. Musicians across all genres tweet about a variety of issues, from what they just ate for dinner to new music projects and show announcements, and provide random commentary—all of which instantly breaks down certain pre-existing barriers between artists and fans. Considering the increasing number of local music figures signing up for Twitter every day, it seems appropriate to reach out to a few and gather their thoughts on what makes the site so popular, and find out how they're using it to their advantage. P Smoov of Mad Rad/Fresh Espresso, radio host J Moore of KUBE-93 FM, Jason McKinley Parker of indie-rock band Born Anchors, and soul singer Choklate were kind enough to participate—and adhere to the prescribed character limit, grammar be damned. swreverb@PSMOOV So Twitter is hugely popular with local musicians in Seattle. And you're a fan. Why is that?PSMOOV@swreverb I find that it keeps me closely connected to my fans, my peers, and those I admire. Music in this town is always moving forward.PSMOOV@swreverb Plus it's one of the most effective ways for me to advertise what's new with me and my musical groups.    swreverb@PSMOOV Talk a little about that. Are you and Mad Rad able to capitalize and make money from those who follow you on Twitter?PSMOOV@swreverb yes, we can advertise shows and where to buy our cd, but I find it more beneficial on an individual basis than as a thing 4 groups.swreverb What about music collabs or projects? Have you connected with other MCs or artists here and set up plans to make music or do shows together?    PSMOOV@swreverb yeah, I am actually working on a production album right now where i am producing all the music and each track is featuring . . .PSMOOV@swreverb local mc's that i respect. Several of the tracks are going through the pre-production process on twitter.PSMOOV@swreverb this back and forth of setting up shows, new songs, or projects is a daily occurrence. The amount of creative energy is staggering.    swreverb@BornAnchors In what way are you using this site to your advantage as a band?BornAnchors@swreverb The way we use it—we keep the nonsense posting to a minimum. Relevant and usefully tweets rather that what I had for lunch.BornAnchors@swreverb Maybe one day some kids will care about what we had for breakfast, but until then they'll just get music tweets!swreverb@BornAnchors How do u feel about the barriers it breaks down? You really get to see ppl's thoughts that you admire.  BornAnchors@swreverb I think it's great, I see pitchfork doing stories on Trent Reznor, based off his twitter all the time. It a Forum, without . . .BornAnchors@swreverb having to ask for a interview. Imagine if Obama had a personal Twitter or the Dali Lama, the personal aspect cant be beat.swreverb@Choklate I noticed you've got over 1,000 followers on Twitter, how long did that take?Choklate@swreverb I been on here bout a month now I suppose . . . I think . . . maybe two.swreverb@Choklate Do you find it more beneficial locally or nationally?Choklate@swreverb Both really. Instantly connects me to people & fans all over the world.swreverb@Choklate Are there folks that wanted to work with you musically but couldn't reach you, who now can on the music collab tip?Choklate@swreverb I get "we should do a collab" or "U should get on a track" same as on email, facebook or myspace.swreverb@Choklate Do you feel like Twitter is connecting you with new ppl locally that you can do business with?Choklate@swreverb I'm mostly on here with people, locally anyway, that already have access to me. So we poly but it's nothing new.Choklate@swreverb I've definitely connected with more cats internationally here than locally. But anybody could reach out & holla. It's Twitter.  swreverb@BornAnchors What annoys you about the site?BornAnchors@swreverb The biggest gripes are about users. Chris Walla for instance was awful to follow. He made 20 one word postings all the time.swreverb@BornAnchors Did you unfollow Chris Walla after finding out he was so uninteresting?BornAnchors@swreverb Chris is MORE than interesting but his twitter was too A.D.D. If he talked about where he was playing, what he was listening to...swreverb@BornAnchors I bet he's great in person and music-wise, but did you unfollow him on Twitter?BornAnchors@swreverb yes, only because his posting pushed others off the page. But it's been suggested he was doing it to get people to unfollow him :)swreverb@jmooreseattle Hey J. Twitter has gotten really popular locally. Aside from just the personal, in what way do you use it to your advantage?jmooreseattle@swreverb As an additional quick and easy Networking platform . . . Keep up with artists, mgrs, producers etc . . . Across the planet.swreverb Is there a foreseeable downside that Twitter has as a musician, or even as a fan of music? What don't you like about it?PSMOOV@swreverb I would say you just gotta remember that when you tweet everyone can see what you write (unless you keep yours private). I try . . .PSMOOV@swreverb as much as possible to be positive and not hate. twitter has a pretty positive energy to it right now. lets keep it that way.PSMOOV@swreverb i think there is plenty more to explore. The thing is having the art to back up your tweets :)

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