Blank Its

Saturday, May 23

Blank Its, Twin Crystals, Le Shat Noir, Modern Creatures

What passes for punk rock on commercial radio these days is the musical equivalent of Trader Joe’s sushi. Sure, it is made of seaweed, rice and “fish”, so technically you can call it sushi, but anyone who has ever set foot in so much as a Blue C franchise could spot that shit’s bland inequity ten miles away. Tonight’s show features four equally awesome NW variations on, shall we say, the “Iggy Roll.” An uber fresh feast beginning with Vancouver’s Modern Creatures, (an appetizer worth getting to the show early) some electro- tinged post punk from Twin Crystals and succulently paired with our own superb up and comers Blank-its and (in my opinion anyway ) the best noisy catch of the day in Seattle right now, Le Shat Noir. Bon appetit, rockers, bon appetit.

Sat., May 23, 9 p.m., 2009

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