The Book Borrowers

This show is less about reading books, and more about reading into them; less about their contents and more about their usefulness as media. In what looks like a cross-section of a fallen tree. The woody center of the two-foot-wide slice is composed of bound pages curled into rings; red hardcovers form the bark. This is Hawaiian artist Jacqueline Rush Lee’s Core: Cross Section View Slice: Volume Series.T he most striking piece in this show is a four-foot long replica of the Grand Canyon sandblasted from 80 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica. Eight stacks of heavy, hardbound books are set five-high, creating two facing rows. Jane Lackey’s piece, SNPS/Slips No. 2, 12 and 6, explores text and materials in a unique way. She installs three rectangular cross-sections of pages into a paper frame. It’s as if a book has been sliced lengthwise, and you’ve been given the sides of the bound pages to read, a cloudy mass of black on white. ADRIANA GRANT

May 20-June 14, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., 2009

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