DJ Dan

Friday, May 29

Contrary to our culture’s high priests of taste and morality, the L.A. rave scene of the early ’90s did more than produce kids swaddled in glowing necklaces gassed on designer drugs. Indeed, the reason why we still talk about that counter-cultural moment is the same reason why we still talk about, say, the punk scene of ’70s New York: because of the music. One of those artists to emerge from Hollywood’s all- night warehouse parties with all his major appendages was DJ Dan. Since then, he’s gone on to remix for like A Tribe Called Quest, maintain a demanding roster of international gigs, and produce club anthems like “Loose Caboose.” But to prove he still remembers his roots, DJ Dan has started The Future Retro Mixtape Series. The project is designed to digitize and distribute, via his various social-networking site pages, dance music classics dating back to his nights working the rave circuit infused with Dan’s trademarked funky electro and breakbeat sound. It’s a scholarly endeavor we should all cheer. Tonight, you’ll have your chance.

Fri., May 29, 9 p.m., 2009

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