Hail to the Grandma-in-Chief

Dorli Rainey is the first octogenarian in the mayorÂ’s race.

The mayoral race is still a total sausage fest, but recent entry Jan Drago wasn't the first dame to the dance. Two weeks ago, 82-year-old Dorli Rainey announced her candidacy for mayor. Rainey came to the states from Austria in 1956, and made her living as a realtor. She also got involved as an activist for light rail, the Equal Rights Amendment, and schools and homeless issues. Furthermore, Rainey says she taught a class at Highline Community College titled "Current Issues—What the Media Don't Tell You."She's running, she says, because when it comes to things like Nickelsville (see Aimee Curl's "Welcome to Nickelsville," August 20, 2008), instead of the mayor offering his support for the project, "the police get sent out. We're spending money to defeat the only temporary solution we have for homelessness."But assuming she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected, is it OK to nominate the adorable octogenarian Grandma-in-Chief?

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