Still Flyin', Love Is All

Monday, June 8

If your next bromance needs a soundtrack, look into Still Flyin’s “Forever Dudes.” And hey, it’s not gender exclusive; anyone is welcome to join the San Francisco party band’s friends-forever jam. Gestating over a pair of shaggy EPs and including up to 20 members, Still Flyin’ brought its overstuffed, reggae-scrambled pop to joyful fruition on the recent album Never Gonna Touch the Ground. Formerly a driving force behind the breathy Masters of the Hemisphere, leader Sean Rawls spins his weed-stoked daydreams into lackadaisical sing-a-longs about haunted houses and Aerosmith. In their way, the results are every bit as nervy and erratic as the songs of tour mates Love is All, who thrive on trebly squeals, shouts, and clatter. With two great albums behind them, the post-punk-y Swedes knock around like kids in an inflatable castle and like to cover Prince, A Flock of Seagulls, and Faith No More live. Melancholy-voiced singer Josephine Olausson holds together the tumult, and the band lives to jitter and veer another day. With TacocaT.

Mon., June 8, 8 p.m., 2009

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