Terry Gross

If it’s not too late, and if any of her production people happen to be reading this, I’d like to suggest that a costume change might not be out of order for Terry Gross’ appearance tonight. To express her intellectual side, she could start the evening in one of those elegant Mao-collar jackets she sometimes wears. Then she could take a quick break and come back in a cute little denim jacket—like the one from the All I Did Was Ask book tour—to bring it back to the down-to-earth approachability that makes Terry Terry. When it comes to questions from the audience, I’m sure she’ll be good natured about rehashing some greatest hits, like the inside story of the Gene Simmons interview. I hope there’ll be time for more advanced queries as well. My own question requires a little preamble to explain the metaphor that informs its premise. Peripherals aside, there’s no doubt about one thing: The kind of ovation that will greet this imp of grace and curiosity when she takes the stage. UPTIGHT SEATTLEITE

Fri., June 5, 8 p.m., 2009

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