The Redwood Plan

Sunday, June 7

The Cha Cha on Capitol Hill is typically thought of as a cavernous, hipster hellhole, and not a place where one would willingly go to see a band. But it’s not fair to write off the Mexi-kitsch-laden watering hole entirely, given the fact that See Me River frontman Kerry Zettel (the handsome, tattooed fellow most likely pouring your drink upstairs) isn’t just one of the nicest, most talented musicians in the city, but also a bona fide local music fan and the man who thoughtfully books the Cha Cha’s occasional live shows. Tonight it’s the Redwood Plan, Lesli Wood’s smashingly successful new pop-punk configuration, and Hostas, the promising, bass-heavy trio featuring Visqueen drummer Ben Hooker. Besides, it’s a Sunday night: the douchebag quotient will undoubtedly be markedly lower. With Hostas.

Sun., June 7, 9 p.m., 2009

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