Saturday, June 20

As far as band names go, Papercuts isn’t my cup of tea – way too precious. But that doesn’t really matter, because San Francisco’s Jason Robert Quever, who is Papercuts, has just delivered one killer album. The Gnomonsong-released You Can Have What You Want is one of the better indie pop records I’ve heard in recent years. Now Quever isn’t lo-fi and bizarre like Ariel Pink and Kurt Vile, yet he shares with those two oddballs’ ability to drown listeners in moody, dreamy sounds dotted with classic hooks nicked from bubblegum, proto-punk, Brill Building, psychedelia…you name it. Quever is also a member of the fantastic Skygreen Leopards, who are dropping a new album of their own this July. So yeah, this dude basically bleeds perfect pop music 24/7. With Port O’Brien. All ages.

Sat., June 20, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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