Third Eye Blind

Saturday, June 20

Let’s be real: Nobody gives a flying fuck about the music Third Eye Blind made after 2000. But the San Francisco alternative rock band still packs venues with 20-somethings nostalgic for the soundtrack of their junior high years. Third Eye Blind ruled the airwaves in the ‘90s with a slew of hits (“Jumper,” “How’s It Gonna Be?”) that made expert use of killer hooks and absurd stream of consciousness lyrics. But did anyone catch on at the time that “Semi-Charmed Life” was actually about a meth addict’s downward spiral? Yeesh. Now that the band’s fan base is older and better able to comprehend its dark content, they may not be as enthusiastic to sing along. Or maybe they will. It’s a damn catchy song. With Low vs. Diamond. All ages. SOLD OUT.

Sat., June 20, 8:30 p.m., 2009

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