Bands at Artopia: Who, When, Where

9 LB Beaver Classic soul, punk, and light-rock covers from West Seattle. 6:20 p.m., Georgetown Records StageBlack Whales See profile. 6 p.m., Rainier StageThe Blinding Light Hardcore metal thrash at its finest. 7 p.m., Rainier StageBone Cave Ballet Foreboding, reverberating, slightly gothic with ominous lyrics. A bit like a cave, really. 8 p.m., Levee Breaking StageBranden Daniel & Everybody Gets Laid With a sexed-up rock-'n'-roll voice like his, it's true: Everybody in his band will definitely be getting laid. 7 p.m., Jules Maes StageBrochius 4:20 p.m., Georgetown Records StageDannys House A little bit folksy, a little bit of attitude, with a splash of jazz—there is no other way to describe these guys than "chill California stoner rock." 4 p.m., Rainier StageEagles Band 2 p.m., Georgetown Records StageF Kind of inexplicable. But according to them, "F is music made from common elements subjected to conditions of intense heat and extreme spatial and temporal compression." 9 p.m., Levee Breaking StageThe Globes Built on strong classic-rock beats, these mellow indie guys pepper their tracks with tinkling bells and a soothing synthesizer. 6:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StageH Is for Hellgate See profile. 7:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StageHallways See profile. 3 p.m., Jules Maes StageThe Hands Ready to rock, the Hands incorporate horns and entertaining lyrics. 9 p.m., Rainier StageIvory in Ice World With ethereal vocals from lead singer Ivory Smith that weave between the layered and undulating background instrumentals, Ivory in Ice World creates a strong hypnotic vibe. 6 p.m., Jules Maes StageThe Kleeners With help from the Seattle Drum School, these youngsters have crafted a bluesy, alternative-rock image, with vocals that sound beyond their age. 7 p.m., Seattle Drum SchoolKronk This Minnesota-based band is a mixture of punk, alternative, and metal. 9:45 p.m., Georgetown Records StageLevator They'll levitate you to a psychedelic and otherworldly realm; their songs sound like something Frodo would march through Rivendell to in Lord of the Rings. 5:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StageThe Lonely Forest Heating up the summer at Artopia, Bumbershoot, and the Capitol Hill Block Party, they will surely be propelled to the top of Seattle's indie-rock scene. 10 p.m., Seattle Drum SchoolLong Pig on a Stick 5:20 p.m., Georgetown Records StageLucy Bland In true Seattle fashion, Bland sings of "collecting driftwood and stones along the shore" as she creates electronic indie rock good for rainy-day listening. 5 p.m., Jules Maes StageMax Crumble Orchestra The unique combination of violin, viola, guitar, and bass blend for a soothing acoustic sound. 3:10 p.m., Georgetown Records StageM. Bison Despite their Street Fighter name, these guys are pretty much cheery, fun-loving summery pop. 3:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StageMean Recess Medley Recently seen at the Comet Tavern, these dudes create mean rock that would work as the theme song for the bully on the playground. 10 p.m., Levee Breaking StageMoraine Using jazz as a base, this group sews together Chinese folk tunes, rock textures, and lingering violins. 7 p.m., Levee Breaking StageMotrecraft Three women who produce a Euro-pop concoction mixed with a side of melancholy and a sprinkling of drone. 2 p.m., Levee Breaking StageNew Faces Playing with the Lonely Forest at The Slab's grand opening, this dynamic pop-rock group has already created quite the buzz among local scenesters. 9 p.m., Seattle Drum SchoolThe Oregon Donor Not from Oregon, but they do offer a standard Northwest indie-punk sound. 2:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StagePrize Country At the beginning of their song "Pissdrinkers," they announce "This is a rock attack." You can't say you haven't been warned. 8 p.m., Rainier StageThe Quit Rising above other typical Seattle indie-pop bands, these guys seduce with sexy vocals, compelling lyrics, and surprisingly decent guitar. 3 p.m., Rainier StageRedwood Plan Punky rock jams that make you want to dance while simultaneously punching something. 4:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StageReptet This sextet is jazz with a twist—they've been known to incorporate ska, European folk, and a costume or two. 5 p.m., Levee Breaking StageThe Sahel Band An afrobeat group that draws on traditional Kora tunes but incorporates electric beats as well. 6 p.m., Levee Breaking StageSeeing Blind Their range of blues, folk, jazz, and classical with a hint of country rock lulls you into a sleepy trance. 4 p.m., Levee Breaking StageSHIM With lyrics like "I don't pay my taxes but I pay my respects/I'll make love to this world like the tax man collects," this timeless rock band delivers anthems that pack panache. 8:30 p.m., Georgetown Music Fest StageShotty All rainbows and butterflies, these guys are hard to dislike. Unless, of course, you aren't a big fan of super-rock pop, reminiscent of Modest Mouse and Simple Plan. 8 p.m., Seattle Drum SchoolSpanish for 100 Frequenters of The Sunset, they pair steady but swelling rock rhythms with slightly emo lyrics. 5 p.m., Rainier StageTitanium Sporkestra See profile. 10 p.m., Ice House LotTom Price Desert Classic Tom Price, Seattle's guitar god, has a new group to continue his psychedelic garage-rock with. 8 p.m., Georgetown Records StageTriple Ave A breath of fresh air among indie-rock Seattle bands, this sassy hip-hop group will keep you on your toes with eclectic instruments and rhymes based in reality. 3 p.m., Levee Breaking StageWe Wrote the Book on Connectors Songs about cake, Nevada, and sad panda bears, mixed with some good ol' indie pop, will no doubt keep you dancing and laughing. 2 p.m., Rainier StageZack Stokes Knows Scholarly Gentlemen Laid-back alternative rock that sounds like uplifting but chill coffee-shop music. 4 p.m., Jules Maes Stage

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