Tuesday, July 7

In 1990, when the legendary Camper Van Beethoven broke up, it must’ve seemed inconceivable that singer/guitarist David Lowery would ever front a band as initially straight ahead-sounding as Cracker. Where Camper was known for its zany, offbeat wit and rollicking stage presentation, Cracker’s demeanor falls 180 degrees in the other direction. On first listen, Cracker, with its bountiful hooks and smooth country-rock guitar, sounds tailor-made for radio. And the ubiquitous hit “Low,” which has probably been played in every shopping mall across America, only seems to cement that perception. Since Camper re-formed ten years ago, however, it’s gotten easier to regard Cracker on its own merits -- and recognize the songwriting strength behind Lowery’s deceptively accessible songs. In retrospect, it’s not only remarkable that he was able to re-invent himself and sneak some hits through the mass-appeal chute, but that Cracker would have such longevity and age so well. With Victor Krumnenacher. Photo courtesy Jason Thrasher.

Tue., July 7, 8 p.m., 2009

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