Grand Hallway

Thursday, July 2

Grand Hallway is a name that evokes eminence, a kind of timeless grandeur. Such is the quality of the octet’s sprawling orchestral pop music – it is stately without being stuffy and dreamy but not too distant. Grand Hallway’s songs are built upon layers of guitar, violin, piano and percussion – all showcasing frontman Tomo Nakayama’s smooth, exquisite tenor. (Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger dubbed Nakayama’s “the most beautiful singing voice in Seattle”). The craftsmanship that went into putting these songs together is apparent – some of the lush melodies are stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous, even more so when coupled with the swelling strings and tinkling piano keys – and lyrically, too, they are packed with stirring, picturesque emotion. “When you’re lying next to me, I’m a hibernating grizzly bear,” lilts Nakayama on “Blessed Be, Honey Bee,” a track off of Grand Hallway’s forthcoming LP, Promenade. Refreshingly, the music lacks tired irony or any other superciliousness – instead, these are simply dazzling and eloquent love songs. With Friday Mile, Apple War and carcrashlander.

Thu., July 2, 8 p.m., 2009

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