Azure Ray

Sunday, July 12

The opening lyrics of "November," the title track of Azure Ray's 2002 EP, have been weirdly prophetic for the the dreamy, lyrical pop duo. "So I'm waiting for this test to end/so these lighter days can soon begin/ 'll be alone but maybe more carefree/Like a kite that floats so effortlessly/ I was afraid to be alone/Now I'm scared that's how I'd like to be," sings Maria Taylor, backed by Orenda Fink, her partner in sad, soft, imaginative songwriting. Two years later, Taylor and Fink — who started recording music together nearly 20 years, when both women were 15 — went their separate ways. Alone, they made music unlike their collaborative efforts. Taylor joined fellow Saddle Creekers Now Its Overhead, playing trance-y guitars. Fink claimed to have a spiritual awakering in Haiti that influenced her band "Art in Manila." But the band reunited last year, and are now working on new album. Again, the words from "November" ring true: "So, I'm about to give this one more shot/ and I'll find it in my self." Photo courtesy Kevin Philips.

Sun., July 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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