Friday, July 10

Bass-less Brooklyn trio Pterodactyl don’t waste any time before tearing into flinty, precision psych rock worthy of Oneida, to whose Brah Records imprint the band is signed. Swarming with spitfire guitars and overactive drumming, every song is a mad jumble of off-kilter warbling and smeared reverb, which is exactly as much disorienting fun as you’d expect. Between a self-titled outing in 2007 and this year’s more evolved Worldwide, Pterodactyl have refused to suffer the primitivist confines suggested by their name, instead pursing an artful ruckus that’s reliably packed with intricate melodies and shuddering shifts. Dig into a fraught anthem like “First Daze” – free for the grabbing at – and just see if you don’t feel yourself coursing with restless energy afterwards. Now picture Pterodactyl live, with such eerie vocal harmonies and math-damaged density climbing ever towards the heavens. With Man Party.

Fri., July 10, 8 p.m., 2009

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