Seattle to Portland Ride

It’s too late to register for the sold-out annual Seattle to Portland ride, now 30 years old. Organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club, the 202-mile STP last year counted over 9,500 entrants, most of whom divide the journey into two centuries, stopping for rest and a night’s sleep in Centralia. Riders start pedaling early this morning. And we mean early! But you can bring coffee and donuts to help yourself wake up and cheer the departing throng. (In Seattle, everyone is one degree of separation from an STP rider.) Or you can join the velo-procession for the first few miles, since streets will be closed from the UW parking lots south along Lake Washington Blvd. to Renton. It’s a parade! It’ll be like Critical Mass, only without running red lights and beating up innocent motorists. Then, when the STPers continue south from Renton toward Kent, you can pedal home or loop around the lake. And if you’re feeling inspired afterward, remember to register early for STP 2010, because it’s sure to sell out, too. BRIAN MILLER

Sat., July 11, 4:45 a.m.; Sun., July 12, 2009

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