The Slackers

Saturday, July 11

Ska is one of those musical genres that hasn't changed much in the last two decades. Sure, there are variations within the genre itself. Some ska bands are punk-influenced, while others carry a heavy reggae beat; some bands feature a near-orchestra of backing horn players and feature only a trumpet; and some abandon their ska mantle when it's convenient—No Doubt, I'm looking at you—and pick it up again years later. But listening to the Slackers latest release, Self Medication, it's clear that the New York-based six-piece hasn't changed its game since the release of Redlight in 1997. Lead singer Vic Ruggiero tinkles his keyboard and sings stories about world-weary and sometimes criminal characters while a trombone and sax chirp out steady beats. It's reggae-rocksteady-sultry ska — unwavering and uncomprising. With Skavenjah, the Diablotones, Rude Tuna, Dicktionhead. All ages.

Sat., July 11, 7 p.m., 2009

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