The Weakerthans

Saturday, July 18

The Weakerthans have a legacy of shock and surprise. It all started with Propagandhi, John Samson’s original musical vehicle. That band’s take on political punk was a slap in the face, choosing blunt force, both lyrically and musically, as their primary means of communication. When Samson split from the band, eventually forming the Weakerthans, it was just as shocking for its relative lack of gruffness. The Weakerthans still have a bit of punk edge, but round it out with a focus on melody and subtlety, neither of which ever featured heavily in the Propagandhi fakebook. Combining hooky indie pop with a penchant for socially minded folk, the Weakerthans look more toward the personal than the political, using songcraft as a means for exploring the human condition on a microcosmic scale. People, rather than policies, are the focus here, and the music mirrors that more sentimental notion, finding itself as much in silence as in sound. With Jason Collett. All ages.

Sat., July 18, 8 p.m., 2009

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