CD Review: Zirconium is Patrol at Their Atomic Best

Patrol Zirconium (Stiff Slack)Heavy, hard, and fast—that used to be how most guitar-centric rock bands once played, and that's exactly the sound Patrol is going after on the local outfit's sophomore album, Zirconium. With a style more reflective of thrash-metal acts like Megadeth or Tool during certain stanzas and the Flaming Lips in others, it's evident that Patrol is aiming for cerebral rock that takes listeners on a journey. There's plenty of drone, reverb, and powerful instrumentation coming from this talented four-piece, with lead singer Doug Lorig's alluring vocals stealing a good chunk of the spotlight. But the guitars are what hit loudest and leave the most lasting impression. Only two songs clock in under the five-minute mark, and three last longer than nine—so mid-'80s Metallica fans should dig it. Zirconium is at its best during "Sahara Angel" and the leadoff tune, "Contortionist." Arguably, Lorig's most compelling performance on the album comes on "Secret Knives," but if you're looking for a good local WTF moment, listen to what could literally be outer-space radio transmissions on "Skullfuckin' Sufjan Stevens"—and remember that like the actual mineral, Zirconium deserves its own atomic classification.

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