Glitch Mob

Tuesday, July 28

With the recent departure of Matthew “Kraddy” Kratz, laptop hellions the Glitch Mob are down to three members. One hopes this doesn't muck up the sub-genre-defying electronic act's notoriously boisterous live shows (which have ruined the ability of other laptop jocks/producers to use their screens as scrims for their disinterest in the audience). The beautiful, bass-y noise these West Coast-based boys create and the almost feral visual antics that accompany it seem so reliant on all four members that to hear/see only three sorta breaks the chain. Man down, man up. The remaining three Glitch-sters will doubtlessly bring the pain tonight: Their electro-infused, hip-hop-tinged, glitched-out concoctions and their self-proclaimed ability to “slay crowds,” as headlined on their MySpace page, make it a necessity. In the meantime, get familiar with their sound via their endless remixes (from STS9 to Evil Nine) on their site. With Nosaj Thing, Daddy Kev. Photo courtesy Nolan Rudi.

Tue., July 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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