Sunday, July 26

Who is the surreptitious avant-tard darling known as Nobunny? I have a few theories. Perpetually clad in a haggard, rabbit mask, his tighty whities and little else, he could be serial killer in a C-grade holiday slasher flick (Tag line reads: “You think you're alone, but Nobunny’s home...”) or an off season, mall Easter bunny on a meth bender, or a loony bin escapee with a plushie fetish, or maybe he’s a perv-y, sloshed super hero sent from planet Thumper to save first the San Francisco scene, then the entire world from our own boring selves. Regardless, his music which, when recorded, is so lo-fi it borders on offensive, and live can be beautifully, brilliantly messy or an out and out train wreck that straddles the line between anti-folk and performance post punk so masterfully you think he’d want the whole world to remember his glorious face and not just his ever-present package. With the Rock n Roll Adventure Kids, Blank-its, Ape City R&B.

Sun., July 26, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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