Rodent Emporium

Tuesday, July 28

Scottie hotties Rodent Emporium aren’t your regular, run of the mill, 1-2-3-4 Ramone-a-bes. Track to track, these boys teach a history of punk class that wisely “borrows” from the likes of the Replacements, Black Flag and the holy trinity of “Dead” bands (Boys, Kennedy’s and Milkmen) infused with a little ska, a little reggae, some C & W and a heaping helping of satirical wit. Take their homage to Rollins and Co., “Sports.” Sung by a guy who looks like the love child of Elvis Costello and Johnny Rotten and sings with a soaring falsetto, the song is fueled by sports rock clichés like the arena wowing keyboard intro, (ala the starting line- up at basketball games) and Bon Jovi -esque solos; the chorus is a grunted chant of “SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS.” It is so well executed that it’ll probably go right over the heads of the jocks it mocks and become their adopted ironic anthem. With One Undone.

Tue., July 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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