Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad

Most people think “Jewish comedienne,” and Sarah Silverman comes to mind. And that’s unfortunate, because Sarah Silverman is not funny. That’s right: My name is Sara, I’m Jewish, and I do not like Sarah Silverman. There. I said it. Fortunately, we ladies of the tribe finally have some new comedic role models in Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, a mutable bevy of trash-talking, kvetching, burlesque-dancing females. Which sounds iffy, but believe it or not, these women—seen on Comedy Central and HBO—know how to work the schmaltz angle without crossing over into “just plain bad.” Their sketch comedy bits can be hit or miss—like SNL’s aren’t?—but the racy R-rated dance numbers, stand-up comedy, and spoken word portions of the show will compensate. While it’s ultimately a Jew-centric show, all you goys will still enjoy it so long’s you familiarize yourselves with Jewish holidays (you know, other than Hanukkah) and terms like “tzimmes” and “schvitz.” SARA BRICKNER

Wed., Aug. 5, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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