Starlight Mints

Wednesday, July 29

Every once in a great while, a band comes along captures the essence of its time in an indescribable yet undeniable way. Oklahoma's Starlight Mints, who are just about to put out the aptly-titled new album Change Remains (their fourth) on Barsuk, somehow manage to encapsulate post-millennial rock but do it in a way that won't sound dated twenty years from now. On paper, Starlight Mints' bubbling blend of indie-rock and champer pop, with its flourishes of lounge, disco synths, horns, high-pitched vocals, and Beatles-esque studio savvy, seems like a literal soup du jour concocted for modern listening tastes. But the Mints display such a thoroughly original -- and fun -- approach to their work that they tap-dance right past the minefield of cliches that would otherwise pin them to the present like a glue trap. Long after today's trend-chasers have changed clothes to go after the next thing, Starlight Mints will still be relevant. With JP Inc, Silverteeth. Photo courtesy Christian Pitt.

Wed., July 29, 8 p.m., 2009

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