The Black Hollies

Friday, July 31

Not quite the evil version of the Hollies you might expect, New Jersey’s the Black Hollies are nonetheless all too enamored with ’60s garage, rock, and soul. The quartet spun off from the unlikely source of iconoclastic post-hardcore cadets Rye Coalition, whose former bassist, Justin Morey, plays guitar and sings lead in the Black Hollies alongside two of his former bandmates. There’s a very careful feel to the band’s output, and on the video for the older single “Paisley Pattern Ground,” every visual and sonic detail is a loving homage. Following in the steps of the albums Crimson Reflections and Casting Shadows, the band’s new Softly Towards the Light comes out on Ernest Jenning in early October, armed with another sly single in “Gloomy Monday Morning.” Inventiveness isn’t high on the Black Hollies’ list of priorities, but they know to usher some seedy psych decay into their otherwise tightly coiled, jangle-addled guitar-pop. With Boss Martians, The Knast, Georgetown Orbits, and DJ Mamma.

Fri., July 31, 9 p.m., 2009

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