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Screening at 7 p.m., Gone With the Wind (1939) is arguably the best-attended, most-seen movie of all time. Adjusting for ticket prices during the Depression is difficult, but it's also among the highest grossing. In part, its sheer monumentality stems from the prior success of Margaret Mitchell's bestselling novel. Then there are the stars: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Leslie Howard. Plus the full might that MGM and David O. Selznick brought to bear on the production (with most of the direction credited to Victor Fleming and George Cukor). Seventy years later, with eight Oscars on its mantle, the film remains troubling in its treatment of African Americans and Civil War history. But it's also unquestionably a highwater mark in Hollywood history, the most important studio picture made in the pre-war sound era. (G) BRIAN MILLER

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